Providing Life-Mentors to young people since 1992.

Give a life mentor partners with a variety of companies all around the world partnering with churches, schools, organizations and other agencies through our work with The Pais Movement.

Young people are told to dream and to dream big but psychologists say that sharing your dream can be damaging. Social reality says the more that a young person shares their dream the less likely it will happen. But why? Because when you share your dream you can get a buzz from it happening without doing any of the work required.

For a young person to see their dreams become a reality they need someone to come alongside them and dream with them. Give a Life-Mentor offers the opportunity to sponsor Life-Mentors in multiple nations providing one to one coaching, helping young people find their purpose and vision, connecting with them in their communities, empowering them to make a difference and training them to mentor others

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