Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of security checks do Life-Mentors go through?

All of our Life-Mentors go through several background and police checks verified by our international office. They also need to supply written references from proffesionals.

How good is the interview process (what % are accepted)?

Approximately 10-20% of total applicants who apply to be a Life-Mentor make it through the full application process and are accepted.They are interviewed at least twice plus provide a video of themselves and other information.

What percentage of the money actually goes to providing life mentors?

Every dollar donated goes into the recruiting, placing and training of Life-Mentors. We own no buildings to fund due to our partnership model.

Where are Life-Mentors recruited from?

Most of our mentors are recruited by word of mouth or via our website. Many of them travel from different countries and some are supported by government programs from their home nations.

What do I get when I donate?

We have a custom cause marketing brand that we tailor fit for your business. Please click here to see more details.

How many Life-Mentors are there worldwide?

We have several hundred Life-Mentors world-wide but the members change constantly as new ones join and leave. Numbers have grown consistently throughout the last 25 years.

What is the average age of the Life-Mentors?

The age of Life-Mentors is usually between the ages of 18-30. But the average age is 23.

What organizations do you partner with?

Life-Mentors are placed within the schools, churches or orphanages that partner with The Pais Movement, Pais is the organization that oversees the work of the Life-Mentors. ‘Give a Life Mentor’ is the Cause Marketing program that helps fund this partnership.

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