Lucas has learned from his Life-Mentor to understand the difference between constructive and negative friendships. Now Lucas has built healthier, more productive relationships.
Lucas, Brazil
Gracie struggled to grow in confidence. With the help of her Life-Mentor, she is now more confident in who she is as a person. This has given Gracie self-identity and the courage to step out and have an impact on those around her.
Gracie, Australia
Afaq always had a difficult relationship with his parents and other family members. He felt they were always against him and he almost became like an enemy to them. His Life-Mentor helped him to understand clear rules about appropriate behavior and consistent, reasonable consequences for breaking those rules. Mentoring helped him to develop a good relationship with his family.
Afaq, Pakistan
Rosheen was very disappointed with life and considered it to be useless. His Life-Mentor provided an opportunity to help him recognize the life skills he would need to deal with life’s challenges. Through mentoring, he developed the skills to interact effectively with others, make difficult decisions and cope with new situations. He was able to discover his hidden talents.
Rosheen, Pakistan
“In the past, before having a life mentor, I served in a church, I used to meet different people with different kinds of behavior. I had issues with anger while I served. My mentor taught me how to humble myself, that it’s not just about me, but it’s about understanding people and working alongside them.I’m happy now because I can understand people better and as I serve, I am at peace.”
Brian, Kenya
Azeem always talked with his friends about his future. It was a constant worry to him. His mentoring sessions helped him to understand that he is valued as a person and has a specific purpose in life. Now he has more confidence to make the most of life with hard work and dedication.
Azeem, Pakistan
When Emily started being mentored, as a 12-year-old, she was on a journey trying to figure out who she was and who she wanted to become, With her Life-Mentor’s help she was able to grow in confidence, stop struggling to fit in and start being herself.
Emily, England
Josiah was very shy when interacting with teachers and his peers. His Life-Mentor helped him to believe in his own self-worth and have a sense of purpose in life. He also developed a more positive view of the future.
Josiah, Pakistan
In the past, Maddie was a shy girl with very low self-confidence. With the help of her Life-Mentor, she has become more outgoing and begun to embrace who she really is as a person.
Maddie, England
When given tasks, Matthew would struggle to complete them well. With the help of his Life-Mentor, he has learned how to make better decisions and work with excellence.
Matthew, England
Miranda struggled to make the best life decisions. With the help of her Life-Mentor, she is now able to discern the best decisions to make. Miranda is now a youth leader in her community and uses the lessons she has been taught to teach and equip others.
Miranda, Australia
Romail was always thinking he was poor and would have few life opportunities. His Life-Mentor used creative, fun activities to engage Romail in thinking about his future. He also helped him to believe in his own self-worth. He now feels more confident and is in a position to make positive plans for his future.
Romail, Pakistan
Christian didn’t understand the bible and didn’t know what he should do with it. With the help if his Life-Mentor, he didn’t just grow in faith but also started to understand what God wants to say to him.
Christian, Germany
Joel needed help making and achieving goals. With his Life-Mentor’s help, he was able to not only set goals for his life but also look at ways of achieving them. This has led Joel to be satisfied with his achievements and be encouraged to create new goals.
Joel, Australia
Raquel has learned from her Life-Mentor how good decisions and attitudes can impact and guide her to her next steps. Now Raquel has been intentionally planning her future.
Raquel, Brazil
Helen didn’t have any direction in her life. Her Life-Mentor helped her to find purpose in life and how to keep practicing it during her daily routine.
Helen, Germany
Megan’s desire was to work at being a positive influence and encouragement to others. Her Life-Mentor helped her in taking steps to make this happen and how to best use her energy in serving others.
Megan, Germany
Joshua wanted to become a youth leader in his community. His major stumbling block was his fear of talking in front of a crowd. His Life-Mentor helped him to interact effectively with others. He also taught him how to make difficult decisions and cope with new situations.
Joshua, Pakistan
Karl has learned from his Life-Mentor how to be more effective in treating and interacting with the people he sees every day. Now Karl has built better and healthier relationships.
Karl, Australia
George used to struggle with skepticism. With the help of his Life-Mentor, he found a healthy outlet for his curiosity and was encouraged o actively seek out answers for himself.
George, England

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